I was born in Southern Indiana. I spent most of my life growing up in the state of New York in a minister’s home. I met the man of my dreams in a small Bible College in south Florida. We married, and were blessed with three awesome children (two of which have married). I became Honey to Nate, Claire, and Alex, and they bring so much joy to my life! My greatest desire in life is to cause others to give glory to God. 

Who is the most influential person in your life? This is so hard, I have been blessed with so many great influencers, but probably my Grandmother Hopper would be the one that I hope has influenced me most! 

What inspires you? Seeing people really understand the power of the gospel.

What do you like to do apart from ministry? I love to walk, to visit the beach (any beach) to read, to spend time with family.

One item on your bucket list: To go to the Canadian Rockies

Little known fact about you: I was a labor and delivery support coach (Doula) for a few years.

Other than the Bible, your favorite book is…? This is so hard - I love so many books, but the book The Helper by Catherine Marshall caused me to desire to know the Holy Spirit in a more intimate way and the book 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp is still changing my life.

What’s on your iPod/iPhone/Android/other? I love so many different podcast, but my favorite is Revelation Wellness. I listen to a lot of worship music, classical music, 80's pop and I love Frank Sinatra.

Your favorite date restaurant? The Green Valley Grill

On a more regular basis, you order (a) WHAT when you go (b) WHERE? 

a) Unsweetened tea with lemon and extra ice b) Chick-Fil-a

Guilty pleasure: Hallmark Christmas movies

Who do you root for? The Gators, The Hokies, and the Gamecocks, whatever team Peyton Manning is playing for.

Who do you follow on Twitter? I don’t hang out there very much. I am on FB and IG, and I follow too many folks on IG.

What preachers/writers (dead or alive) do you go out of your way to listen to or read? Jim Reed, Robert Morris, Christine Caine, Joyce Meyer