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Group Life is a unique environment designed to help you learn how to let God’s best to flow through you. It’s the whole church family coming together to help you live the life Jesus says you can!

Group Life is divided in six semesters, taking place most Wednesdays from September 5, 2018 through May 22, 2019. Each evening will be filled with friendship, meaningful ministry, spiritual growth, and lots of fun. Or another way to say it is that each night of Group Life will be characterized by the free flow of the life of God through His body, the Church.

Here’s a snapshot of a Group Life night...

 5:30 PM – DINNER. You don’t have to choose between feeding your family or getting in on Group Life. A very simple, inexpensive dinner will be available for purchase on site each night of Group Life ($3 per person). But you will need to ORDER IN ADVANCE.

 6:15 PM – CHILDREN’S MINISTRY. Ministering to our youngest New Lifers through Group Life, Jr. is going to be a key component of Wednesday nights.

 6:15 PM – ADULT CLASSES. At the same time that Group Life, Jr. is happening, classes will be offered for all who aren’t serving our children. These classes all have the goal of helping you live the life Jesus says you can.

 7:30 PM – END. At 7:30 PM, it’s over. We will honor the fact that you have to get up in the morning for work or school or doctor’s appointments...and we promise to end on time.

There are three kinds of opportunities that we invite you to make the most of through Group Life...



Willing hands are needed to serve your church family at Group Life! We need ladies and guys who will serve on a food prep team every few weeks during Group Life season...people who will partner up with some others in the church family to clean the house up after the party...people to help in a number of practical areas. In short, we need YOU! But because of the unique schedule design, you can serve your church family periodically with lots of breaks in between.


Not just the parents of children who are benefitting from Group Life, Jr., but everyone who is part of Group Life should make the most of opportunities to minister to our youngest generation a few weeks at a time. Because the semesters are short, you can find a way to minister to the next generation that won’t require a lengthy time commitment. By volunteering to serve our kids just one short semester, you can have a big impact on their future!



Dynamic discipleship classes will be offered for adults each semester. These classes are specifically designed to help make the most of your secret place time with God ...AND make the most of your opportunities to represent God in this world! These classes will provide great information, but they won’t stop there. You’ll get the chance to put into practice what you learn on your way to living the life Jesus says you can! In order for you to get in on ministry to kids, serve your church family in practical ways, AND take advantage of these great classes...we built some healthy redundancy right into Group Life. You can get in on ministering and receiving ministry. Here’s an example of how that works... Group Life consists of 6 semesters, and the first 2 semesters are 5 weeks long. What is offered in Semester #1 is repeated in Semester #2. Most of the semesters work like that, allowing you to participate in a class one semester, then serve in a Group Life Ministry the next semester, or minister to children in Group Life, Jr. from time to time. You’ll also notice that there are breaks built into Group Life. For starters, there is a Wednesday night free between each semester. Our purpose for doing that is very simple: We want all the whole church family to be fresh and excited about each new semester that comes along. Of course, throughout the Group Life season, there are some other breaks, e.g. Thanksgiving week, Christmas, New Year, KAIROS. But every time a new semester begins...we’re all looking forward to it with anticipation.